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Techpower Electronics

About this manufacture

Transformers, inductors, chokes, windings, converters, all those are crucial electrical components, which can assure your company a strategic advantage. Comprising of established technology companies, the Techpower Electronic Group is an innovative-driven collaboration and offers you the highest quality electronic components and industrial products. By combining the skills of strong companies Tech Power Electronics became a leader within the industry with extensive technology, development and production capabilities. Despite the group size, we still answer your requests quickly and provide open and transparent services.

We aim not only to strengthen and extend our position within the market but also to take part in actively shaping it. We are committed to delivering quality with our transformers, inductors, chokes, windings, converters and industrial products. To achieve a high level of efficiency, the group's philosophy focuses on lean structures and a long-term strategy. Each company grows individually, and together we grow as the Techpower Electronics Group.


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