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Carling Technologies

About this manufacture

Carling Technologies is one of the world's largest manufacturers of Hydraulic-Magnetic and Thermal Circuit Breakers, Electrical Switches and Assemblies, and Advanced Systems including Power Distribution Centers, Electronic Controls, and Multiplexed Power Management and Monitoring Systems. For over a century Carling has been setting the pace in new product design so that we may offer you innovation of the highest quality at the lowest cost.


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Brand: Carling Techn.

Circuit Breakers

Complete line of circuit protection products that include hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, thermal circuit breakers, equipment leakage and ground fault circuit breakers, as well as fuse links with DIN rail mounted fuse holders. Our products offer high performance and reliable circuit protection in a full complement of sizes, amperage ratings, current or voltage sensing capabilities and agency approvals; to deliver optimal solutions for most design applications.  

Brand Carling Techn.

CAN Products

The CLTM12-S-Series load controller and CAN-based, SAE J1939 compatible digital switching products, including a variety of keypads, a rotary encoder switch, and a display controller, enable the simple integration of multiple digital switching systems in commercial vehicles. The fully customizable and programmable switches feature programmable illumination, diagnostic feedback, and extended life. Multiplexing is made easy by the use of rear-mounted Deutsch® connectors, eliminating the extra weight and cost of traditional wire harnesses. 

The CM-Series multiplexed CAN/LIN switching system features a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) switch module and a CAN/LIN controller module. The controller module accommodates up to 3 LIN buses for a total of 45 switch functions in one system. 

Brand: Carling Techn.


Carling Technologies offers a wide variety of electromechanical and digital switching products suitable for numerous applications.

Our rocker, toggle, pushbutton, rotary, and combination style switches and battery disconnect switches come with a wide variety of aesthetic, size, and functionality options, including circuit configurations, AC & DC ratings, insulated and water shedding constructions, termination options, mounting options, custom colors, and imprinting.

Our digital switching products feature all the latest CAN & LIN J1939 technology for advanced HMI systems.

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