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Netwerkkabel technicus

Floyd Bell

Buzzers Light and Sound

Worldwide Shipping

Free Quote

Own brand 

We search for you

Let us search for you !

Any brand, any type of component readily available from our global network of distribution partners and manufacturers. We have direct access to stocks available worldwide. You can place your requests online with us and we will provide you with a suitable offer, always with a cheaper equivalent as an extra.

Warehouse Planken

Global Distributor

    we ship our products all over the world, small or large

Looking for a equivalent ?

    Send us a part number or datasheet of the item you are looking for . We  will send you a competitive quote and a cheaper alternative.

Elproma Brand

    In addition to the products of which we are a distribution partner, we also have our own product line for buzzers, connectors, fans, switches, power supplies and more


We are distribution partner of a number of well-known brands such as:  C&K components, Carling Technologies, Corcom, FloydBell, Inotec, Taiway, NTS Time Servers and more.

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